Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been unable to hold any heart screening sessions for over a year now - this has meant that hundreds of people could have underlying heart conditions that won’t get picked up until it’s too late.
Lockdown measures have made it impossible to conduct these sessions safely, as well as having a huge impact on our ability to fundraise - one heart screening day costs £7,000.
If you would like to fundraise for Calon Screening so we can get these lifesaving sessions back up and running as soon as possible, we would be so grateful for your support.



Step challenge

If you have a garden or stairs at home, challenge yourself to complete a step challenge. You can set whatever target you like, whether you want to hit a certain number of steps in a set amount of time, or if you want to climb the equivalent number of floors as a famous landmark, this kind of challenge will help you raise money and keep you active at the same time! Make sure you get your friends and family to sponsor you to keep you motivated.


Show off your skills

If you have a competitive nature, you can use it to help us save lives. You could choose a fitness challenge like press ups/pull ups or any other skill based challenge you’d like to show off for a good cause. It’s easy to donate online, and if you can, nominate a friend to take on a challenge too!


Shave your head / facial hair off

A novel way to fundraise, especially since hairdressers have been shut for some time! It’s a good idea to set yourself a target of how much you would like to fundraise and ask everyone you know to donate. When you do finally brave the shave, you could go ‘live’ on Facebook so all your supporters can watch you unveil your new look!


Take part in a virtual marathon/bike ride

Many marathons and cycling events were postponed last year, but have decided to go ‘virtual’ this year. Virtual events are great because you can take part from pretty much anywhere. You may not want to ‘officially’ enter any marathons or bike rides, so instead you can set your own goals and use an app to plan a run and track your distance.