Exercise should be a fun and rewarding activity for children of all ages. That’s why we want to encourage children to get active in whatever way they choose while listening to their favourite music anytime. Perhaps this can be a child’s first experience of a fundraising event so making it fun is the most important thing.

So whether your children or school class are fans of pop music or nursery rhymes, exercising to a beat will make it more appealing and fun in the long-term.

Not only will you have fun being more active but you will be helping Calon raise vital funds for heart screening through monies raised in sponsorship or participation fees.


How to get involved?

● Download the Calon Step up to the Beat Spotify playlist or press play on your own speakers (as loud as you can get away with!)

● Organise a day and time with some friends (the more the merrier!)

● Pick your activity or even a few to do. Our team from the office has suggested some favourites but feel free to pick your own and share them with us so we can share with everyone else too - as long as you’re moving, you’re exercising!

Here are some ideas to get you started:


◦ Dancing

◦ Aerobics

◦ Skipping

◦ Running/jogging

◦ Walking

◦ Tennis

◦ Riding a bike or scooter

◦ Football

◦ Rounders

◦ Tag

◦ Football

◦ Rugby

◦ Hopscotch

◦ Hide and seek


● Collect donations from your friends – even £1 per person goes a long way for us. Click here to find out how your money supports people across Wales.


Share share share

● Please send us your pictures and videos so we can share on our social media channels and website to help encourage others to get involved too.



Information for grown-ups

● We thank you for taking the time to fundraise for Calon 

● Please complete and send us your sponsor form so we can keep track of your fundraising efforts and send your group a certificate.

● Click here for a full fundraising pack complete with sponsor forms, posters, bunting templates and more to help you get started.